N.I.C.K.’S Camp

Hosted at Camp Boggy Creek, N.I.C.K.’S CAMP is the five days of summer camp that is paid for by the Chiera Foundation. N.I.C.K.’S CAMP stands for Nothing’s Impossible for Cancer Kids and is named after Nicholas R. Chiera our father who passed away from cancer back in July of 1989.

The acronym was created by his son Vincent, the initial layout and design by his grandson Louis, the sun was then drawn by our Dad’s great-granddaughter Isabella. Finally our former camper and college scholarship recipient and part of our extended family Casey Schumacher, a graphic artist, created the colors and final look. N.I.C.K.’S CAMP is a magical five day sleep away camp experience where children battling cancer can enjoy their summer just like other kids. Oncologists throughout the State of Florida recommend potential campers who then fill out an online application. Buses from all over South Florida transport 150 children to a magical camp facility called Camp Boggy Creek.

The logo, (shown above), was developed through four different generations and members of the Chiera Family.

Camp Boggy Creek was founded in 1996 by Paul Newman and General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, with one simple premise in mind, that every child, no matter their illness, could experience the transformational spirit and friendships that go hand in hand with camp. Located on over 250 acres in Eustis, Florida, Camp. With unobtrusive expert medical care, it was their dream that Camp would provide seriously ill children with a fun-filled experience defined by compassion, laughter and acceptance.

Since 1996, Camp Boggy Creek has made it possible for children with serious illnesses to enjoy a camp experience in a safe, medically-sound environment. Located just a short drive from Orlando, Florida, the 232-acre camp serves children ages 7-16 who’ve been diagnosed with chronic or life-threatening conditions.


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