Through our fundraising efforts, we have also been able to establish a scholarship program. Individuals, Families, and companies attending our fundraising event have pledged money to help young adults who have beaten cancer attend college.

Below, please find a list of our college scholarship students and graduates. Some of the same children we have sent to camp have beaten cancer and actually gone to college on our scholarships. Casey Schumacher and Megan Hamerdinger are two college graduates who we actually sent to camp when they had cancer. Though your generosity, we have been able to make their life’s dreams come true.

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College Scholarship Program

Isabel Chiera Scholar

Sponsored by Marshall Leeds

Kimberly Santo – University of Florida

Chiera Scholars

Nicole Coombs – Broward College

Danielle Deramo – Palm Beach State College

Leah Geodderz – Palm Beach State College

Megan Hamerdinger – Florida Atlantic University & Florida Atlantic University Graduate School

Taylor Lefevere – Florida State University

Ella Leung – University of Miami & University of Miami Medical School

Elie Maseri – University of Florida

Scott McNeil – University of Miami

Seth Rojhani – University of Central Florida

Casey Shumacher – Full Sail

Haupt Scholars

Andrew James – Florida International University

Harsh Patel – University of Florida

Margolis Scholars

Daniel Ferraz – Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Kyle Nidetz – University of North Florida

Rubin Scholar

Victoria Nifakos – Palm Beach State College

Phyllis J. Cobb Scholar

Oscar Oropeza – University of Florida

j28The Chiera family helps children achieve their ultimate dreams. For me personally, the foundation provided a scholarship to attend the University of Miami. More importantly, against all odds, I GRADUATED from the University of Miami. Thank you Chiera Family Foundation for helping ME achieve my ultimate dream!

Scott McNeil